My Real Chef Hero In The Kitchen

In times like these where cynics rule and fake food is winning, we all need a real chef hero, and lately there is one guy wielding a sharp knife that keeps inspiring me, in and out of the kitchen.

Sure, Anthony Bourdain is every wanderlusting chef’s crush, traveling the world, eating and drinking like a rockstar, and providing a cultural immersion for the food-obsessed.

chef hero

And another real chef hero has to be the action man himself, Action Bronson. When a rapper starts cooking, eating and smoking his way through kitchens and restaurants around the world it’s hard not to want to turn your cab backwards, grow a beard and live vicariously through this real chef hero.

chef hero

But lately I’ve been drawn to another onion-chopping genius. The great Jose Andres is my real chef hero and commands respect in and out of the kitchen. From a commitment to his basic ideals in immigration and migrant rights, to his aspiration to save the world through food, to his authentic and creative vision and delivery of Spanish food in all its glory, and finally his mastery of the fried egg, the huevo frito!

But it’s in his latest incarnation, serving up Puerto Rico real food and real hope, when the USA failed to deliver, that makes him a real chef hero. After Hurricane Maria, he spent over a month in the region feeding some 2 million people and making the basics front and centre of the policy discussion. Look up #ChefsForPuertoRico and get inspired by the power of food, and those that cook it, to change the world.

real chef hero

If we all cooked with the joy for food, people and life that Jose Andres clearly has, then the world would would surely be a much more delicious place. He’s part of the reason I cook and live the way I do, following these 10 essential rules┬áincluding his core belief:

“I believe in tradition and innovation, authenticity and passion.” || Jose Andres