My life has been inspired by food + art + play. These three elements are what excites and inspires me, and where I’ve met some of my favourite people. And each element cannot exist without the other, whether it’s in or out of the kitchen.

As I cooked, I found myself not just fusing flavours, but also fusing the inspiration I found in art, music and all the creativity that takes place walking the streets, scaling mountains and swimming in the sea. In effect, the menu became a homage not just to good food, but also to art and play.

I’ve always been inspired by artists that are multi-dimensional and flawed in some (im)perfect way. Artists that are able to bend the definition of what it means to be a writer, a musician, a painter, an athlete or a chef.

Heroes like Hunter S. Thompson, the gonzo journalist that truly lived his stories and made the writer the protagonist. He lived his life “Faster, Faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death,” and is a hero for ranking authenticity and pleasure above all else.

Or artist Salvador Dali who took painting to the edge of surrealism and didn’t see any limit to his talents. By assuming the the role of photographer, writer, designer, cook, sculptor and screenwriter he proved that creativity is not limited by technical skills, only by imagination.

Then there is the late Anthony Bourdain, the rockstar chef that lived and cooked like the original explorers. He was on a constant mission to show the world how food and the good life are inextricably linked and that it’s only by traveling, cooking and living with an open mind that we can truly create a better world.

These heroes inspired me to aggressively seek out a life filled with equally radical measures of food, art and play and find new and exciting ways to combine in everything I did.