Joel Serra's Modern Spanish Kitchen

‘Food is not what you cook, but what you make others taste.’

Combining food and photography in equally radical measures, Joel Serra’s Modern Spanish Kitchen tells the story of how a wild blonde kid from New Zealand found his way back to Spain to discover his Catalan roots. Surreal photography, original recipes and personal anecdotes come together to fill over 200 pages with delicious chaos.

His first cookbook brings a vibrant, fresh approach to traditional Spanish dishes and all 80 delicious recipes offer both a beginner’s guide to eating and drinking like a local in Barcelona and Spain as well as plenty of inspiration for those looking to experiment.

As Joel says, ‘Food always tastes better when shared, so pull up a seat and join the feast.’

Recipe books are useful as a guide, but in the kitchen, always trust your instincts

(Im)perfection on the plate demands multiple messy experiments in the kitchen

The most tedious kitchen tasks are fundamental for success on the plate

The best dishes are often happened upon by accident, chance and serendipity

Inspiration comes from experience so cook everything and anything at least once

Cook happy because good vibes and plenty of lovin' are your mise en place

Every other chef is taken so carry your own knife and stay authentic

Kitchen battle scars are worth it if you make them sigh with pleasure at the table

Tricks and gadgets in the kitchen will only cover up bad apples for so long

If it's just not your day, get out of the kitchen and order Chinese takeaway

Food always tastes better when shared so pull up a seat and join the fest

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