The Ultimate Chocolate Experience, Calling all Chocoholics

To discover the ultimate chocolate experience, one first has to accept that chocolate transcends the world of food. None of the normal rules and norms apply. Chocolate should be neither chewed nor chomped. Neither gnawed nor gulped. And definitely not munched or masticated.
It must be savoured, relished and adored. It must be loved.

chocolate experience

Every square of chocolate has only ever satisfied one human need. The need for pleasure, while being cheaper than the pleasure givers that work in the street and those that follow Freud. Read more

My mother makes the best Spanish Tortilla

Without going further let’s get one thing straight, my mother makes the best Spanish tortilla. I had to get that out of the way first! Despite settling some 20,000 kilometres from her Spanish heritage, my mother managed to retain the integrity of one dish that remains the domain of all Spanish mothers. The tortilla I grew up with was made in a weighty chipped black cast iron pan – an item my siblings and I are still arguing about who should be the final owner.

spanish tortilla

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Why Wild Mushrooms are Worth the Risk

Wild mushrooms are worth the risk. Because all mushrooms are edible but some only once in a lifetime.

wild mushrooms

Mushrooms don’t grow to be gathered or picked, they are there to be hunted. Globalisation might give us strawberries all year round, but wild mushrooms don’t keep or travel well. Throughout Catalonia, whose stunning geography offers up the ideal climatic conditions for mushrooms to flourish, mushrooms are literally everywhere for a few months. Restaurants promote them as a basic side all the way through to a main dish fighting alongside creatures from the sea and the land. Meanwhile, it’s in the local markets that you’ll truly understand why wild mushrooms are worth the risk – full with the earthy aroma and white, golden, brown and black hues, these are ethereal fairytale-like fungi. Read more