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PAPALOSOPHY combines food, art, technology and nature to create the new and the unexpected.

We launch chef brands and collaborate with food creatives to produce spectacular gourmet content and events.


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Joel Serra

JOEL SERRA aka Papa Serra Jr was born in New Zealand and grew up in Tasmania, Australia’s southern-most island and quite literally the end-of-the-world.

He passed eight years working as an Economist in Melbourne, while on the weekends running a supper club out of his apartment, and also enjoying 15 minutes of fame on Masterchef Australia (the videos exist somewhere on the dark web).

Realising he preferred cracking nuts over crunching numbers, Joel left life as a consultant and moved to Barcelona where he founded Papa Serra Culinary Adventures (named after his Catalan great-grandfather). He launched a Barcelona rooftop supper club, collaborated on pop-up dining tours around the world, and hosted culinary adventures to all parts of Spain.

From there, Joel went on to lead the private chef and social dining movement around the world, convinced by the power of food to unite. Combining food, technology, culture and innovation, he remains driven to make the world eat better and together.

With heroes ranging from Hunter S. Thompson to Anthony Bourdain, Joel strives to create work that is original, entertaining, and always delicious.


Known for creating original food experiences around Barcelona and the world. Joel has worked on launching secret supperclubs, spectacular popup tours, outdoor foraging adventures and customized gourmet packages. He knows how to make every bite taste better than the last.


A man of letters, Joel self-published his first cookbook, Papalosophy, A Spanish Cookbook and garnered local and international media attention. He writes for a number of magazines on food, travel, lifestyle and tech trends and speaks regularly about entrepreneurship, creativity, personal branding and career design.


Leading the launch of an online global platform for private chefs, Joel knows who’s hot in the kitchen and what they’re cooking. He is a ‘fixer’ for agencies and businesses exploring the Barcelona food scene and collaborates with creatives across multiple fields. With an active social presence, he is regularly featured as a top influencer and knows how to set the food agenda.



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